Fugro well-represented at this year’s offshore conferences

Fugro has been well-represented at this year’s offshore conferences, including the Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference in Amsterdam and the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

optAt the OPT in Amsterdam, Fugro helped to lead a day-long seminar on Design of HTHP subsea pipelines, with Zack Westgate presenting on cost-effective tools and techniques for optimizing geotechnical design of offshore pipelines, and Prigiarto Yonatan presenting on lateral buckling analysis of pipe-in-pipe (PIP). Charles de Brier participated in the main event, presenting on the state of the art in specialist interface shear testing for assessment of pipe-soil interaction. The Fugro booth at OPT was well-visited, with several existing and new clients stopping by to chat about the latest developments for SAGE Profile.

At OTC in Houston, Fugro presented on geohazards related to pipeline design, with Bill Haneberg (formerly of the Houston office) presenting on debris flow modelling in the sediment mobility session, and Christine Devine (also of the Houston office) presenting on the latest developments in pipeline routing optimization, now captured in a new ABS guidance note.