Get the most out of your seabed survey thanks to our course program

SAGE Profile is a powerful software for analysing the response of offshore pipelines. The strength of the analysis lies in the accurate definition of the input parameters. To get the most out of your SAGE Profile analyses, our experts have developed three types of tailored training courses for you. The course content can be customized to meet your requirements and address your specific pipeline solutions.


Our fast-track guide to solving complex pipeline problems with SAGE Profile. Highly recommended for new users who want to exploit the full potential of SAGE Profile.

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This course examines complex situations and covers various sophisticated finite element analysis, such as enhanced pipe-soil interaction, advanced boundary conditions, pipeline buckling and walking, detailed free span analysis. The course content is tailored to the needs of our customers.

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of subsea pipeline engineering, with special emphasis on pipe-soil interaction. This course translates the theoretical framework of geotechnics into real-life case studies.

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Technical support and Consultancy services


Fugro provides high quality technical support to help you resolve any queries that arise when using SAGE Profile. Our experienced support engineers can advise on SAGE Profile features and suggest modelling approaches to suit your particular project.

Fugro also provides advanced consultancy services for SAGE Profile. Our experienced software analysts, many of whom have extensive engineering expertise, can recommend specific analyses ranging from simple to complex to suit your particular projects, or perform these analyses in-house. In some cases, use of our consulting services can be more cost-effective than purchase or leasing of SAGE Profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your support or consultancy needs.