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Fugro GeoConsulting Belgium offers a wide range of consultancy services related to onshore, nearshore and offshore geotechnical engineering. Our office is a Fugro Group centre of excellence for offshore pipeline and we have worked on numerous pipeline projects worldwide.

Pipeline Geotechnics

SAGE Profile Pipeline Geotechnics

Our experienced geotechnical experts have in-depth knowledge of pipeline geotechnics.

  • Seabed geomorphology
  • Review and integration of soil data along pipeline route
  • Selection of design soil parameters
  • Assessment of pipe-soil interaction: selection of the most appropriate models and assessment of friction factors or more advanced pipe-soil reaction factors (e.g. following SAFEBUCK JIP recommendations)
  • Foundation design of pipeline auxiliary structures (e.g. in-line and end termination structures)
  • Sediment transport and scouring analysis
  • Pipeline trenching assessment and recommendations on trenching operations (ploughing and jet-trenching)
  • Assessment of backfill soil uplift resistance
  • Liquefaction analyses

Subsea Pipeline Engineering

pipeline engineering

Our subsea pipeline consultancy services cover a broad range of analyses.

  • Pipeline route engineering
  • Limit state design of offshore pipelines
  • Out-of-straightness analysis
  • Span prediction and evaluation
  • Simulations of vortex-induced vibrations and fatigue analysis
  • Pre-sweeping analysis
  • Plough pick-up analysis
  • Upheaval and lateral buckling assessment, including rock dump optimisation
  • Development of special features in SAGE Profile (customised output data file format for example), advice on modelling strategy including selection of finite element parameters.

Advanced Consultancy Services

SAGE Profile Consultancy Services

Challenges that required a multidisciplinary approach are managed by our team of expert consultants.

  • Debris flow impact on a pipeline: debris flow characterisation (volume and velocity), run-out distance assessment using an in-house developed model and pipeline impact assessment using SAGE Profile 3D
  • Forensic analysis following pipeline failure: review of all the external conditions that may have led to a pipeline failure (seabed morphology, subsea current, sediment transport, soil instability, etc.) and recommendations for pipeline rerouting
  • In situ pipe-soil interaction measurement: Fugro SMARTPIPE® is Fugro tool for in situ pipe-soil interaction measurement. Our engineers ensure the quality of the data and provide data interpretation.
  • For complex problems related to soil-structure interaction which cannot be solved analytically, we use the following finite elements software packages:
    • PLAXIS 2D/3D: finite element code for soil and rock analyses
    • FLAC 2D/3D: finite element code for soil and rock analyses
    • ABAQUS 2D/3D: general-purpose non-linear finite element software