SAGE Profile, designed with passion by Fugro geoconsultants

SAGE Profile is the result of the collaboration between Fugro and offshore pipeline experts, who translate industry needs into easy-to-use software features. Recognised worldwide for their expertise in the field and in research programmes, our consultants have put their skills and knowledge together to design and develop SAGE Profile and continue to improve and enhance the SAGE Profile software suite. The key development team members are:


  • Jean-Christophe Ballard
    Jean-Christophe Ballard graduated in civil engineering in 2003. He has now more than 10 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering and has especially developed expertise in offshore pipeline geotechnics and finite element modeling. >> Read more
  • Charles de Brier
    Charles de Brier joined the Fugro GeoConsulting team in Brussels back in 2006. Since then, he has taken part in the full range of SAGE profile activities and now focuses on geotechnical engineering applied to pipelines and cables. >> Read more
  • Zack Westgate
    Zack has 10 years of consulting experience in the offshore geotechnical engineering for the oil and gas industry, most of which have involved working on high profile pipeline projects where he has provided tailored solutions to challenging HTHP design conditions. >> Read more
  • Prigiarto Hokkal Yonatan
    Prigiarto has worked on numerous highly technical pipeline projects in which SAGE Profile was used for on-bottom roughness, in-service buckling, upheaval buckling, and advanced pipeline integrity analyses due to geohazard impact loading. >> Read more


Software Development

  • Pierre Delvosal
    Pierre Delvosal holds a Master degree in Civil engineering. Since 2005 he evolved within Fugro GeoConsulting from project engineer to software business line manager. He has been coordinating engineering software development for the Geotechnical Division since 2009.
  • Cornelia Kerstiëns
    Cornelia obtained her Master’s degree in Engineering Geology in Delft. Before becoming involved with SAGE Profile in 2009, she worked on many burial assessment and back analysis projects for cables and pipelines. Since 2010 she is support and release manager for SAGE Profile and Fugro’s in-house geotechnical engineering software.
  • Jelle Muylle (External Consultant)
    Jelle Muylle has been the lead developer of SimPipe, the numerical engine behind SAGE Profile, since its first creation in 2004. As an external consultant, he advises Fugro GeoConsulting Belgium on further development and support.