Behind the curtains: SAGE Profile 3D 3.0 is under construction!

During 2014, the entire SAGE Profile team has been working hard on the development of SAGE Profile 3D 3.0, a major upgrade that will feature a brand new graphical user interface and a wide variety of new  capabilities.

This new version will offer a seabed modification module, allowing to fill gaps in the seabed profile or cut steep slopes for free span rectification. In addition, we have introduced an intelligent backfill soil spring which enables to predict the susceptibility of buried pipelines to upheaval buckling. Our brand new trenching module allows simulating the process of cutting the seabed, lowering down the pipeline in the trench, and subsequently backfilling. The use of object contact allows modelling seabed sleepers, pipeline crossings or concrete mattresses. In addition, the new release offers the ability to model fully bonded pipe-in-pipe systems. The brand new graphical user interface has been designed in a wizard-type approach, to make the learning curve even gentler.

The SAGE team is currently testing and validating this new version, which will be released in summer 2015. Below, you can take a peek preview of what’s on our drawing board… Stay tuned!


SAGE Profile v3.0 brand new graphical user interface