SAGE Profile Getting Started Course


Learn how to use SAGE Profile professionally by applying the right parameters for pipeline modelling.


New users of SAGE Profile.


The training consists of interactive modules that include both presentations and work sessions. During the work sessions trainees work with the program on their own computer. The course content can be customised to meet your requirements and address your specific pipeline problems.

Typical content includes:

  • Introduction
  • SAGE Profile overview
  • Seabed survey data quality
  • Seabed and route management
  • Soil properties and soil models in SAGE Profile
  • Simple loads in SAGE Profile

  • Pipe material models in SAGE Profile
  • Complex loads in SAGE Profile
  • Finite Elements (FE) concepts
  • Lay-down analyses in SAGE Profile
  • Restart analyses in SAGE Profile
  • Viewing and plotting results in SAGE Profile
  • Code and span check

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