New release brings added value to pipeline engineers worldwide

The latest release of SAGE Profile 3D, the market leader software suite for offshore pipeline analysis, brings new features and enhanced capabilities to the oil and gas industry. Discover what’s new in SAGE Profile 3D v2.4!

Extended span check for VIV fatigue analyses

The DNV-RP-F105 span check has been extended to allow evaluating the remaining fatigue lifetime of free spans vulnerable to vortex induced vibrations. SAGE Profile automatically detects the free spanning pipelines on the seabed and performs the fatigue screening checks according to the DNV recommended practice for free spanning pipes. For critical spans, susceptible to fatigue damage induced by vortex induced vibrations, the amplitude response models are constructed. The in-line and cross-flow vibrations amplitudes are translated into a corresponding stress range. Using the SN curves for pipeline steel in seawater (DNV-RP-C203 or user defined data) an estimation of the marginal fatigue capacity is readily obtained.

Updated DNV-OS-F101 code check

The code check capability has been updated and SAGE Profile is now fully compliant with the most recent edition of the DNV-OS-F101 pipeline design code (Amended 2012). This allows pipeline engineers to quickly check design safety and reliability according to the latest standards.

Pipeline Route Assistant

SAGE Profile now provides an enhanced route selection and optimization tool. Existing routing capabilities have been integrated into the “Pipeline Route Assistant”. For a given route, this feature calculates whether the pipeline can be installed for a specified lay tension and seabed friction. It also checks that the bend radius is large enough to avoid overstressing the pipe material. If the selected bend radius is deemed too sharp, a minimum allowable value is suggested by SAGE Profile.

Moreover, it offers an overview on route properties, profile length, elevation and both in-line and cross slopes. These statistics enable quantifying the roughness of the seabed for a selected pipeline route, and allow optimizing the selected route in pre-processing mode, prior to any calculations. All route statistics, and the data of seabed elevation vs. KP, can easily be exported to Excel or Ascii files.

Enhanced post-processing capabilities

In SAGE Profile 3D v2.4, the pipe can now be shaded according to according to equivalent stress in addition to the other available state variables (e.g. bending stress, effective axial force, span height …). Moreover, rainbow colour spectra and grey scales are available for shading. This provides the user with a powerful means to quickly detect and analyse particular zones of interest in the pipeline under investigation.

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