SAGE Profile 3D v2.5 features fast laydown simulations

The latest release of SAGE Profile 3D brings advanced numerical simulation capabilities for performing even faster laydown simulations and more realistic route stability analyses. Discover what’s new in SAGE Profile 3D v2.5!

Disabling of element killing

When using SP3D for detailed route curve stability analyses, the element killing procedure can now possibly be disabled. This is of particular significance for pipeline route curves with a sharp bend radius crossing challenging terrain, where the installed part of the pipe is likely to move while the rest of the pipe is being installed. SAGE Profile 3D now allows deactivating element killing, providing the user with even more realistic pipeline installation simulations.

Multicore simulation during laydown

In previous versions of SP3D, multicore Worker-Based Simulation (WBS) was made available for all analyses except laydown. In the new version, multicore simulations are supported during laydown analyses as well, which significantly reduces the computation time when element killing is disabled.

Nodal value logging during laydown

SThe nodal value logging functionality allows recording particular variables (e.g. kinetic energy, pipeline position) over the course of a numerical simulation.  In previous versions of SAGE Profile, nodal value logging could not be used during laydown analyses. The main reason was that the nodes for which values are to be recorded, do not exist yet at the start of the simulation. In the new release, logging of nodal values is enabled during laydown analyses. Values will be recorded as soon as the node referred to in the logging definition has been created.

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