New generation pipeline analysis software

SimPipe, an explicit finite element solver was developed to power SAGE Profile 3D

The mandatory initial stage of any pipeline analysis consists of laying the pipeline on the seabed.

A realistic and computationally efficient approach was adopted to model this laying process onto a 3D seabed with the assistance of digital terrain modelling (DTM) techniques. Advanced tools (e.g. a customised graphical display) were developed to rapidly locate problem areas and re-route the pipeline.

Once the pipeline is laid, the new computational engine (SimPipe) performs full 3D pipeline analyses. The pipeline-soil interaction is modelled by the use of advanced soil springs and the DTM. Loads are automatically generated for commonly encountered conditions.

Modelling pipelines using general purpose finite element software packages is not always straightforward. In order to model more rapidly and efficiently an offshore pipeline being laid onto a seabed and its interaction with the soil, new generation pipeline analysis software has been developed.

This software, SAGE Profile 3D (SP3D), which uses a transient dynamic explicit integration kernel, SimPipe, is described in this paper.

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