Join us at the OPT 2016 in Amsterdam

At the upcoming Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference (OPT 2016) in Amsterdam, our senior project engineer Charles de Brier will present a paper discussing the added value of advanced interface shear testing for pipeline walking propensity.

Abstract: On the Added Value of Advanced Interface Shear Testing for Pipeline Walking Mitigation

Charles de Brier, Jean-Christophe Ballard, Fugro GeoConsulting
David Colliard, Total S.A.

It is important to use specific laboratory testing devices to measure accurately the pipeline-soil interface shear strength at the velocities and contact stresses relevant to pipelines. This paper will first describe a new torsional shear device equipment that is capable of monotonic and cyclic testing at low stress level and for a wide range of velocities with cumulative shearing distance only limited by a specified test duration. The paper will then present results of tests obtained on soft clay samples collected offshore West Africa and discuss the main observations from those tests in the light of the new theoretical framework for axial pipe-soil interaction that is emerging. Those results will also be compared with data obtained with other laboratory testing devices and in situ pipe model test data from the same site. Finally, results of finite element simulations will be presented to demonstrate the added value this type of testing can have on pipeline walking propensity and required stabilisation measures.