SAGE Profile Past Products

SAGE Profile 3D

SAGE Profile 3D (SP3D) is Fugro’s first generation 3D pipeline analysis software. It has now been replaced by the second generation SAGE Profile software: SAGE Profile 3. It combines the powerful potential of a dynamic explicit finite element solver with an easy and straightforward interface to build the pipeline model and solve complex problems in a very short time.
SAGE Profile 3D models the pipe laying process on a full 3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the seabed, using an elegant and realistic approximation of the real lay method.

The computational engine enables full 3D pipeline stress analyses with the ability to handle large deformation problems like lateral buckling, and accurate modeling of the pipeline-soil interaction by using of advanced plastic soil models.

The SAGE Profile 3D Viewer enables the results to be viewed and printed in different formats – in tables, graphs and in 3D illustrations. Simulation results can be cross-checked against the major design codes, including DNV-OS-F101, API1111, ASME 31.4 & 31.8. Free span evaluation can be performed according to DNV-RPF105.

SAGE Profile 2D

SAGE Profile 2D (SP2D) is a finite element program developed to assist pipeline engineers in the design of subsea pipelines and flowlines. The main purpose is to rapidly assess in 2D the stresses and strains in a pipe laid on the seabed. The straightforward SAGE Profile 2D interface allows the user to rapidly import a 2D seabed profile and to run analysis from simple models using elastic pipe material to more complex models using non-elastic pipe material and advanced pipe-soil interaction models. SAGE Profile 2D is powered by an implicit finite element (FE) solver.

SAGE Buckle Module: this module focuses on the upheaval buckling pipeline analyses using the design envelope method. It assesses rapidly the required download force and rock dump quantities to mitigate upheaval buckling along a pipeline route. Different levels of analyses are available based on the seabed profile, the computed pipeline profile (using the main module FE engine) or the as-laid pipeline profile.

SAGE Plough Module: this module is an add-on integrated in the SAGE Profile 2D interface. It aims to automate the pipeline modelling during plough pipeline pick-up and trenching operations. It allows plough operators to check rapidly if the plough will not damage the pipeline and to optimise the trenching operation by finding e.g. the optimum rollers’ height that minimises pipe stresses.