Pipeline analysis software tested and approved by offshore specialists

With more than 500 users in all continents, SAGE Profile is providing added value for oil and gas majors worldwide.SAGE Profile is the market leader software suite for offshore pipeline analysis.

SAGE Profile 3D has been benchmarked, verified, validated and approved by Bureau Veritas, the global leader in conformity assessment and certification services.

We strive to continuously improve the SAGE Profile software suite and develop new features driven by the industry.

“As a new SAGE Profile customer, we are pleased with the performance of the software in recent applications on bottom roughness and pipeline end expansion analyses. The 3D visualization provides an excellent tool for communicating challenging route conditions to a client. The software has enabled us to focus on providing engineering solutions to challenging pipeline projects, leaving software development to those which specialize in such areas. SAGE Profile 3D has become a valuable asset to our engineering group.”

Greg Dodge 
Director Engineering, Cronus Technology

Our current client base includes, amongst others: