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Latest version of SAGE Profile ready for release!

This new release consists mainly fixing some minor bugs and improving user’s experience with the software.
Users currently leasing/subscribing or holding an Annual Maintenance and Technical Support (AMTS) contract will get this release at no additional cost. For those who don’t, feel free to start your AMTS now!

SAGE Profile 3.1 is now certified!

We are happy to announce that Bureau Veritas have completed the verification of SAGE Profile 3.1. In addition to the verification of basic functionalities, certification scope was extended to the verification of specific features including soil springs with memory (capturing soil permanent deformation for more accurate span predictions and upheaval buckling analysis) and a new bending moment capacity formulation to account for the effect of pressure and temperature.

SAGE Profile 3.1 development underway…

One year following the release of our major upgrade to version 3.0, we are pleased to announce that development is well underway on version 3.1, incorporating a series of new features allowing designers to model cyclic lateral buckling, including plastic pipeline deformation.

The main new features anticipated for this version include:

  • Modelling plastic deformation of the pipeline steel
  • Modelling cylindrical contact objects such as sleepers and counteracts
  • Modelling the friction between the pipeline and contact objects
  • New ‘article’ format for help topic documentation

New release of SP3

After a period of feedback from clients, Fugro is happy to announce the release of version 3.0.26.

This version addresses a number of minor bugs and also fixes two major problems with the previous release related to memory use and compatibility with older versions. These are listed below:

  • Reduction of the memory usage which allows the loading and importing of larger projects and exporting of results (to be fully resolved for v3.1)
  • Problems related to the creation of backfilling operations without prior trenching

Fugro well-represented at this year’s offshore conferences

Fugro has been well-represented at this year’s offshore conferences, including the Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference in Amsterdam and the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

optAt the OPT in Amsterdam, Fugro helped to lead a day-long seminar on Design of HTHP subsea pipelines, with Zack Westgate presenting on cost-effective tools and techniques for optimizing geotechnical design of offshore pipelines, and Prigiarto Yonatan presenting on lateral buckling analysis of pipe-in-pipe (PIP). Charles de Brier participated in the main event, presenting on the state of the art in specialist interface shear testing for assessment of pipe-soil interaction. The Fugro booth at OPT was well-visited, with several existing and new clients stopping by to chat about the latest developments for SAGE Profile.

At OTC in Houston, Fugro presented on geohazards related to pipeline design, with Bill Haneberg (formerly of the Houston office) presenting on debris flow modelling in the sediment mobility session, and Christine Devine (also of the Houston office) presenting on the latest developments in pipeline routing optimization, now captured in a new ABS guidance note.