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Join us at the OPT 2016 in Amsterdam

At the upcoming Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference (OPT 2016) in Amsterdam, our senior project engineer Charles de Brier will present a paper discussing the added value of advanced interface shear testing for pipeline walking propensity.

Abstract: On the Added Value of Advanced Interface Shear Testing for Pipeline Walking Mitigation

Charles de Brier, Jean-Christophe Ballard, Fugro GeoConsulting
David Colliard, Total S.A.

It is important to use specific laboratory testing devices to measure accurately the pipeline-soil interface shear strength at the velocities and contact stresses relevant to pipelines. This paper will first describe a new torsional shear device equipment that is capable of monotonic and cyclic testing at low stress level and for a wide range of velocities with cumulative shearing distance only limited by a specified test duration. The paper will then present results of tests obtained on soft clay samples collected offshore West Africa and discuss the main observations from those tests in the light of the new theoretical framework for axial pipe-soil interaction that is emerging. Those results will also be compared with data obtained with other laboratory testing devices and in situ pipe model test data from the same site. Finally, results of finite element simulations will be presented to demonstrate the added value this type of testing can have on pipeline walking propensity and required stabilisation measures.


SAGE Profile 3.0 certification by Bureau Veritas

For all releases of SAGE Profile, we have strived to provide our clients with a specialised and complete software suite dedicated to offshore pipeline analysis. In order to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of such highly technical tool, multiple certifications were conducted over the years by an independent accredited body.

In this context, Bureau Veritas Marine and Offshore is currently scrutinizing SAGE Profile 3.0 to evaluate its suitability for performing solid pipeline designs. The first part of the scope which focuses on the numerical simulation results has already been completed. The full certification process should be finalized by end of Q1 2016.


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We build the software you need!

Fugro GeoConsulting (Belgium) is the development coordination center of the engineering software for the Fugro Group onshore and offshore divisions. We provide tailored software development services around the SAGE Profile suite and related to geotechnics, pipelines and structures, for clients and sister companies. Our in-house developed software programs can perform:

  • Subsea pipeline simulations
  • Shallow foundation capacity on layered soils calculations
  • Static pile axial capacity computations (axial and lateral)
  • Soil resistance to driving calculations
  • Jack-up leg spudcan penetration during preloading assessments
  • Jet trenching operations

The Fugro Brussels’ team also develops a set of tools dedicated to data acquisition and processing activities.

Please get in touch with our team for specialist bespoke developments, extension of modules and functionality suggestions to be added in existing software. Our domain experts and skilled software developers can turn your ideas into a high return on investment project!


Fugro WinPBA: cables and pipeline ploughing back analysis tool

SAGE Profile will offer new tools for performing Upheaval Buckling Analyses

At OMAE2015 in St. John’s (CAN), Prigiarto Hokkal Yonatan presented a paper introducing a new technique to assess the risk of upheaval buckling (UHB). This new methodology uses a backfill soil spring (BFSS) attached to the top of the pipe for representing the uplift resistance provided by the backfill soil on top of a buried pipeline. This tool will be available in the brand new SAGE Profile 3.0 to be released in the summer of this year!

Abstract: Numerical Simulation Of Upheaval Buckling Using Intelligent Backfill Soil Spring.

Prigiarto Hokkal Yonatan, Filip Van den Abeele and Jean-Christophe Ballard, Fugro GeoConsulting Belgium

Designing the cover height of buried pipelines to prevent them from buckling requires a method that can thoroughly and realistically model the phenomenon. This paper introduces a new technique to assess the risk of upheaval buckling (UHB) by using backfill soil springs (BFSS) to represent the uplift resistance provided by the backfill soil on top of a buried pipeline. This paper investigates the pre-buckling pipeline behavior related to UHB and highlights some of the key parameters governing the analysis. UHB assessment based on a case study was carried out and the results were then compared with those obtained from force-equilibrium methods generally used in the industry. The comparison shows that UHB assessment can be performed more rigorous using BFSS than using force-equilibrium methods. Therefore, using BFSS for UHB assessment improve the reliability in cover height design.

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Behind the curtains: SAGE Profile 3.0 Pioneer Edition has been released!

Since 2014, the entire SAGE Profile team has been working on the development of SAGE Profile 3.0, a major upgrade that will feature a new graphical user interface and a wide variety of new capabilities.

This new version will offer a seabed modification module, allowing to fill gaps in the seabed profile or cut steep slopes for free span rectification. In addition, we have introduced an intelligent backfill soil spring that enables to predict the susceptibility of buried pipelines to upheaval buckling. Our new trenching module will allow simulating the process of cutting the seabed, lowering down the pipeline in the trench, and subsequently backfilling. Finally, the new release will offer the ability to model fully bonded pipe-in-pipe systems.

The development of our brand-new SAGE Profile v3.0 has reached its final stage as the Pioneer Edition has now been released. As we strive to shape SAGE Profile according to our customer’s needs and challenges, working hand in hand with our clients is a key aspect of our development strategy. The Pioneer Edition of SAGE Profile 3.0 has therefore been distributed to some of our clients who, in the light of their experience, will provide us with valuable feed-back. Do not hesitate to contact us should you also want to be one of our Pioneers!

SAGE Profile 3.0 will be released in the summer of this year…… Stay tuned!


SAGE Profile v3.0 splash screen